Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Sarah, the visionary behind this course. Why should my voice resonate with you? With more than 11 years at the helm of the thriving Spiritual Events Directory, my journey has been a testament to spiritual empowerment. Now, as I delve into the world of AI and fuse it with my passion for Oracle cards, I bring you a course that encapsulates both innovation and intuition. Join me in embracing the boundless possibilities this fusion holds

Unleash the Power of AI:

Are you ready to tap into the limitless potential of artificial intelligence to revolutionise the world of Oracle cards?


What you'll get in the course

You’ll gain access to 1111 commercial-use images and Canva card and marketing templates. 

 AI-generated prompts for deck names and meanings. 

 Learn to infuse personal voice to create AI cards 

 How to print your cards without having to order 1000's

In the AI-powered Oracle Deck Creator Course, you’ll gain LIFETIME access to 1111 commercial-use images, Canva card templates, and AI-generated prompts for deck names and meanings. 

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Oracle Deck Creators Course$444



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Here's What's Included:


This course teaches you how to create print and market your Oracle Deck.

You will receive LIFETIME ACCESS and it's an EVERGREEN  COURSE. You go at your own pace. 

Module 1: Mindset

  • Cultivate a growth mindset 
  • Embrace Challenges 
  • View Feedback as a Learning Opportunity 
  • Learn from Mistakes 
  • Stay Curious


Module 2: Brainstorming Deck Ideas

  • Harnessing Intuition 
  • Symbolism Exploration 
  • AI Oracle Deck and Marketing Prompt Generator

Module 3: Design Your Deck

  • Create your canva account 
  • Card templates 
  • Oracle card images 
  • How to create online guide book 
  • How to create a QR code 
  • Proofreading cards 
  • How to download print ready files 
  • Oracle/Tarot bags

Module 4: Midjourney (AI Image generator)

  • Setting up a midjourney & discord account 
  • Generating your first image 
  • Create Your own discord Server 
  • Midjourney commands Stealth mode (private) 
  • Aspect Ratio 
  • Image upscaling 
  • Download images 
  • Understanding prompts 
  • Learn from others

Module 5: Trademarks and IP

  • Trademarks and Branding 
  • Copyright and Creative Content 
  • Designs 
  • Protecting your work 
  • Legal Advice

module 6: ISBNs Barcodes & QR codes

  • ISBNs 
  • Barcodes 
  • QR codes

Module 7: Printers

  • Aussie Printers 
  • US Printers

Module 8: Marketing Your Deck

  • Promotional Templates 
  • How to create Reels 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Spiritual Events Directory


  • Selling Your Cards

Card Creators Corner Monthly Zoom:

  • Engaging Q&A Sessions 
  • Networking Extravaganza 
  • Show and Tell 
  • Guest Spotlights



Oracle Card Art: Designs & Templates
  • Total payment
  • 1xOracle Deck Creators Course$444

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